The South- England

After a very long drive and much uncertainty about whether I actually have a place to stay in (letting agents issues again), I have finally moved in! The house is quaint and the neighbours are very nice and friendly, well except one. There always have to be one, just to make life more interesting. I promise if I ever have a bad day at work, I won’t take it out on someone else. Or at least, I won’t morph into an angry person, my personality calls for a more apathetic response (which might actually provoke more anger in the other person, hmm).

F is not exactly a stark contrast to where I come from in Scot. If I have to pick one, I would say the main difference is the taste of the water. Erk. Tastes kinda chalky, definitely needa get used to it. Other than that, all is well. Although I do miss the rowdy pubs near my ex-flat on Friday and Saturday nights. Here, it’s bedtime by 10pm every night. So quiet you can hear- nothing.

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