The sob story

After months of getting to terms with the news, it’s now easier for me to say yes I failed an in depth client study/ process report. I have grappled whether I should share that here but what’s the sense in only sharing the superficial difficulties of the course and not the real challenges faced by me on the course. After all the reason I started this blog is to offer those considering this field a better idea of it when back then I couldn’t find qualitative information.

On reflection, it was a huge shock considering that the assignment was the last piece of work for the year and I thought I had improved from when I first started on this course. To make things worse, it was just by 2%! Well I know a fail is a fail but 2%! Sigh…

So many feelings flushed through me the past 1 and half months; justifications, excuses, self defeat, increased motivation, challenged, questioning, blaming, jealousy, unfairness, apprehension, uncertainty, hope, supported, confusion… Some have resolved itself, some consolidated itself.

Perhaps the best way to start is to consider and clarify what is an in depth client study/process report. It is essentially an assessment and psychological formulation of the client’s presenting issues. The second part of the assignment then requires a transcript of a session with the therapist’s thought process and reasons for intervention. Finally, what you have learnt from the client as well as the placement. So as you can see, the first part requires a professional examination and evaluation of the client’s mental health and the second and final part considers the effect the client and the therapeutic relationship have on the therapist. Having said that, the piece of work relies heavily on the subjective opinion of the psychologist and is in no way claiming the absolute truth to the client’s issues. Another person might come along and come up with a different formulation based on their impression of the client.

Hm, I wish I had such a clear idea of it then. Takes a fail to really push me huh.

So what did I do wrong then? – to be continued.


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