Is it doable? Yes it is!

Congratulations to A for having a smooth year in terms of academic work and for progressing into 2nd year! Well done! You most certainly have been doing the right things, keep it up!

I’m pleased to say that I am allowed to progress into 2nd year too with a condition of resubmitting my process report and sitting for viva before July 2013! So, it’s not all too bad. But this will mean that I will have to draw from A’s self discipline as I will have an extra 2 piece of work to prepare in year 2 on top of the hefty amount of assignments and impossible deadlines we have. I count 7 assignments, in the space of 9 months, not too bad, about 1 a month not including the 3 day placement and placement related activities – actually does sound like a lot doesn’t it especially including the 2 extra piece of work I have to resubmit, makes it 9! Woohooo!!! Woohooo!!!! This feels like… I feel like I’m starting to float… losing my mind. Ok, KEEP CALM (funnily, I bought a colleague of mine the Keep Calm and Carry On mug, maybe I should get one too). Well, to be fair, we had 9 assignments on our 1st year and what more it’s the 1st year where everything is new and you feel absolutely deskilled. So, if that can be ploughed through, this can be. Hoohaaa! Power!

The point I’m trying to make here is that, somehow it is a common misconception that a doctorate is not difficult, one just has to write a piece of research, attend a few lectures here and there and ta da! you’re a doctor. But let me tell you that is not true for a PsychD, apply for this doctorate with a realistic view that you must be prepared to sweat it- blood and tears and trust in delayed gratification (pay-wise). But the immediate reward of self development and satisfaction is immense.


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