Here I come! A.

Well, there is a silly question:

- How many counselling psychologists does it take to start the elevator?

- Erm, normally one (unless they are in ‘’reflection’’ mode or sth.)… Actually, I have no answer to that question. In fact, I just wanted to direct your attention to the following: Don`t know if this ever happened to you, but I have noticed that when my colleagues and I enter an elevator everyone is so chatty and animated by being around like-minded people that for a moment everyone seems to have forgotten the purpose of the raising and lowering box and the target location.. Then, suddenly a female voice gets you back to Earth: ‘’Doors closing’’.

This blog makes me feel as though being there, in such an elevator, in some type of hypnotic state that gets my psy-mind running up and down with ideas. Thank you M. for the invite! It’s a great pleasure being part of your CP cyber world, as well as to share this staggering journey with you and your readers!

A bit about me – I am also a trainee in the practical counselling psychology doctorate. My training is in a different from M’s institution, which I guess allows us to compare and perhaps get a better impression of the commonalities and differences between the available routes of becoming a CP in the UK and Scotland (where i`m based).

Wishing best of luck and inspiration to all,



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