Half a year ago…

Hello, time does flies doesn’t it, half a year has gone by without an update. What does that say about this life as a c.p trainee? Half a year… that’s a pretty long time. Felt like so much have been learnt, so much have changed. This course really call for one to deconstruct and examine oneself inside out. Bear the unbearable but assess why they are unbearable. Bring down your defences, examine them, and put them back on if they still suit you. Puts blaming and self-justification in a different perspective huh.

Toiling away my literature review assignment at the moment, one of the biggest piece of work for the year and forms the first part of a three year project. Got my first draft back, lots to change– needa write in a more scientific language, more numbers- statistics, more critiques on methodology and the use of Randomised Controlled Trials as evidence for treatment efficacies… Thought of the day: Drafting and redrafting to allow for analysis to develop and understanding to deepen (my optimistic thinking).

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