Alright, just in case you think I’m all work and no play -which makes a dull M. I was out last night.

Ok, in typing the last sentence it felt like I had to prove myself- that I’m not going to be an unkempt, jargon-laden, irritable, eccentric academic. Because honestly, at times it had felt that way. So, I was out for dinner last night with a few friends of mine. Good company, absolutely great food. Shame my partner had to slave over his work. It’s just never ending work for him. No such as thing as ‘It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday, Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend. Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah) Partyin’, partyin’ (Yeah) Fun, fun, fun, fun, Lookin’ forward to the weekend’. OK, might have gotten slightly carried away there. But, in case you’re wondering, yes it’s the infamous Rebecca Black’s song ‘Friday’. I have never ever thought that of all the songs in the world, that is one I would quote first in my blog. Strange how the world works sometimes. And so, after a night of fun fun fun for me…

——-I’m back to the reality———– Paper strewn desk. Coffee mug. And a mounting anxiety.

The anxiety being, I just realised (as always), I seem to have so much to do! Go to my part time job tonight and tomorrow night. Down to London on Monday for a placement interview (urps). Part time work again on Tuesday night and then the DEADLINE!

I only have now (which is expiring in 10 minutes), tomorrow afternoon, monday night and tuesday afternoon. That’s all I have! That’s all I have! Can I finish? Can I? Can I? ..urghhhh.. gurrgghhh.. Can’t breath! Why did I have to go out last night? Why? Urgghhh.. the guilt. Alright, focus. Let me trouble-shoot. What can I do to make use of the time I’ve left? I know you guys are probably thinking I’m stupid or something. I know. The answer is plain for all to see. The 334 words typed up to this point could have been in my dissertation. If that is the case, I shall calm down and….. realise I don’t have anymore time to do my dissertation today and needa prepare for work. What a joke I am. Till then.



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